The Society’s members are committed to traditional chalkstream fishing, casting upstream with dry flies, emergers and unweighted nymphs only to observed active fish during the trout season (15 April to 30 September). During the grayling-only season (1 October to 31 December), the use of weighted nymphs is permitted. Barbless or debarbed hooks are compulsory at all times.

River fisheries are either unstocked, providing wild fishing (on the Wylye above Bapton, the Upper Test and two Itchen beats above Winchester), or receive some supplementary stocking of brown trout (on the Avon below Amesbury and one Itchen beat above Winchester). These fisheries provide a mixture of wading and bank fishing. In addition two small lakes adjacent to the Test are stocked with rainbows, and here any type of trout fly is permitted.

Our style of river fishing is thus not for everyone, and those interested in catching large numbers of stocked fish, or taking more than an occasional fish for the pot, may find that other organisations offer more appropriate opportunities.

However, membership is about more than just fishing, and the Society maintains records, archives and memorabilia dating from its foundation, publishes a twice-yearly journal, engages in conversation on an intranet forum and holds three plenary meetings in Salisbury each year.

An annual subscription entitles members to fish on any day, and to invite a guest, without the need for booking, on the majority of venues. In addition, new members pay a joining fee equivalent to one annual subscription. Applications from prospective members should be accompanied by letters of support from a proposer (and usually a seconder) who must be current fishing members of the Society.

Fishing membership is limited to a maximum number set by the Committee, and a waiting list of prospective members is maintained.

For more detailed information, please contact the Hon Secretary:

The Piscatorial Society Membership